Me talking to my manager: I’m getting off at 11. Customer in the next aisle over: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Me trying not to laugh at awful jokes in front of my manager:


















January Omelette 

August Sushi

April Sloppy Joe :/

November Banana

February Granola-Bar

May Mars-Bar

January Salad… no.

July Swiss-Roll xD

June Muffin….

April Rice. Okay.

March blueberry donut

Just no

January potato.

OMG LOL I’m crying. Potato.

September Sandwich. Ummm

July cookie

April amish potato salad

June Pizza

December Wing Ding bahahahahaha

Anonymous Asked:
Hallo :) About the stretch marks... I am an adolescent, does this mean that they will go away easier? If I lose the extra weight that caused them will they get even worse? Thanks in advance!

As an adolescent, since your body is still going through hormonal changes and hormones are bigger cause of stretchmarks than actually stretching is (the term came around long before an understanding of hormones did) I would say don’t stress too much about your stretchmarks because you’re probably going to have them appear and disappear over and over again as you grow and your hormones fluctuate. Losing weight can cause stretchmarks, yes, because your body has to go through the same hormonal changes it went through when you gained weight, but getting stretchmarks when you lose weight is usually something that happens to people who have an large amount of excess weight versus someone who just needs to lose 10 or so pounds. In short, stretchmarks aren’t permanent! Skin regenerates. Over time, the layers of skin that are effected will be long gone and new skin will be in it’s place. :)



zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

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Any tips for getting black dye off skin?

I finished SIL’s hair, but I look like I have the plague.


I just found this in my computer. now I can’t stop laughing 


As disappointed as I was that I stopped breastfeeding Spencer, I’m glad for the sake of his teeth. I was on the Baby Centre forum the other day, and many nursing moms with kids Spencer’s age are saying their babies teeth are turning brown, probably because of the breastmilk. I’m also glad that we got him out of the habit of nursing to sleep earlier on because then we wouldn’t be able to sleep train him now. So those are both good things :)

Both of my babies nurse to sleep and they’ve never had brown spots, nor have I ever heard of anyone who nurses their children to sleep getting brown spots if they are properly caring for their teeth. FYI, babies don’t make their own melatonin until after a year old, so they get it from breastmilk and nursing to sleep is part of babies getting a healthy amounts of sleep. There are other sleep hormones that can be triggered by routine, of course, but melatonin is the fastest, most reliable way.