Confession:  I really dislike the name Jordyn-Grace Makiya. Not because it’s a bad name but because it doesn’t fit in the family at all. 1. It’s unisex none of the other girls have unisex names. 2. She has 3 names no one else has 3 names and 3. Makiya just looks and sounds strange.

They let the kids pick her name if I remember correctly…

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Being pro-ric for all boys is stupid. But if someone chooses circumcision for their son without endorsing it for other people that's fine and let them be! There are lots of studies showing some health benefits. Leave it up the parents to decide.

Or, you know, you could leave it up to the adult male who might want to have had a say in whether or not part of his penis is removed. Parents don’t have to do shit. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just leave it the fuck alone.

This is my night. My little ballerina baby, dancing on her toes. And my wild child boy being a crazy person in the background.

You can’t hear the music very well, but it was one of those little dance break things they do on Disney Jr. They both love them.

Since the hormonal thing and connection to stretch marks has to do with the making of the skin have less elasticity; the lotion does help give some of that back and prevent some smaller stretch marks. However who the eff cares if you get them or not. My husband is practically underweight most days and he has them on his hips. We don't shame people for knicks on their legs from tripping why shame them for something they can't even prevent.

Word. People get stretch marks from loosing drastic amounts of weight the same way they get them from gaining drastic amounts of weight. You can get them from building too much muscle too quickly. There’s a hormonal surge every time your body goes through a big change. Like pregnancy. People can even get stretch marks after major surgery or car accidents, or anything that can put a significant amount of stress of your body and requires some recovery time. And yeah, cocoa butter can improve elasticity, but elasticity really has mush less to do with stretch marks than originally thought, which is why girls can slather themselves in lotion and oils from the first day they get their positive pregnancy test and still wake up one day around 34-35 weeks completely covered in stretch marks because of the hormonal surge that happens in the third trimester to finish out the pregnancy. As the hormones fade, the color of the marks fades, and lotions can improve the elasticity enough for your skin to ‘even out’ the divots in the skin where the marks are, but lotion and oil will not prevent a stretch mark from forming if it’s hormonal and not actually caused by stretching and perpetuating the myth that you can ‘prevent’ them is really damaging to girls (and guy) who think they did every thing ‘right’ and still get them. False hope, you know? We need to work of accepting stretch marks as something that’s part of human existence like freckles and stop talking about how to prevent them and remove them. They are beautiful and part of being a human who’s lived on this planet. The end. :)





Like seriously, why isn’t pole dancing an olympic sport? This is freakin gymnastics. This is strength and skill. This is not sexual whatsoever. Why does pole dancing have to be so stigmatised as a sexual thing that only strippers do? I have great respect for all people who can pull this off. This is art and beauty right here. 

HEY FUN FACT: pole dancing is known as something strippers do because strippers invented it. And that’s okay! It’s okay to have respect for strippers and the hard work they put into what they do! Let’s stop trying to take the stripper part out of pole dancing so upperclass white girls can do it without being ~stigmatized~ because god forbid women be sexual.

^^ hello!

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new undies: cute
stretchmarks: also cute

No no no and NO stretch marks are never cute!! wtf too lazy to go get some cocoa butter and use it daily? We all have stretch marks but we can get rid of it.. People should take care of themselves and if cocoa butter didnt work for you make an appointment for a laser stretch mark removal dont be a lazy ass

all stretch marks are beautiful no exceptions 

  1. stretch marks are perfectly fine and natural and beautiful, free lightning bolt tattoos yo
  2. cocoa butter is a preventative that does not always work, and smells and stains clothes and oh yeah, since a lot of people get stretch marks just from growing NOT from weight, theyd have to slather their whole body and no one really wants to do that or smell like that so strongly.
  3. laser treatment? really? you want people to pay $1000+/appt (usually takes a few treatments) to get rid of something perfectly natural because you’ve named yourself standard of the fucking world and think we all live to please you? most people dont have that money and if they do thats not what they want to spend it on.
  4. also fuck you.

I usually don’t reblog ladies in undies, but for real. Don’t fuckin’ knock people over stretchmarks, or anything on their bodies for that matter. I’ve been underweight all my life and have them from growing. They happen. The just do. 


You’ve earned your beautiful stripes, you fine ass tiger.

It has been discovered that stretch marks are hormonal and have very little connection to weight gain. Stretch marks is actually a pretty inaccurate name considering that fact. I don’t think cocoa butter effects your hormones, therefore is futile. Just sayin.

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I will pay a person an obnoxious amount of money to go pick me up a chimichanga


you dont just play the sims. you go on a sims binge for three days straight then put the game down for 5 months

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Is it awful to eat two baked potatoes in a day because that’s all I want to eat dammit

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