I was talking about all the people who have been assaulted by police during the protests in Ferguson and my husband says

"Stop showing me this stuff. I don’t care about this stuff. All I care about is whether or not Mike Brown actually hit that cop because if someone hurt me, I’d hurt them back, too."

Like what the actual fuck?? No. Shut up. You sound so fucking stupid right now.

Then he says “I don’t care about race, it’s not about race to me. I don’t care what color he was. It doesn’t matter to me.”

So I tried to tell him what he was saying was albelist as fuck and he says ” You can’t tell me how to feel about this. You think everyone has to think like you and you get mad if they don’t.”

Just ugh. I’m incredibly grossed out by him right now and I don’t even really want to go to bed with him tonight after he screamed in my face over this. But his stupid ass friend is here (agreeing with him of course) so I can’t even sleep on the couch.

And FYI, I’m fucking paraphrasing just in case you read this, you ass. You know what you said.









you were either a winx 


or a w.i.t.c.h


this makes me feel old.

I was totally a spy


i was aLL THREE

was this the old superwholock? 


All three heck yes!

the old superwholock? Nah these shows all have examples of POC and well written diverse woman who do not rely on men to build their character

Omg, I’ve been trying to remember what that Witch show was called forever I thought I imagined the whole thing holy crap!!

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When the three year old goes on a rant



Still love this

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"Breast pumps are for working mothers, babies in the NICU, for nights with the babysitter. They are for mothers who are separated from their children or are struggling to breastfeed a child who cannot latch. They are for donating milk to children who need it. They are for many reasons and not one of them has to do with protecting society from the sight of a nursing woman."

Katharine McKinney: If You Don’t Support Breastfeeding in Public, You Don’t Support Breastfeeding (via whenrobotsreproduce)

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He had a meltdown, so we were having a “Time in.” I was trying to get him to smile, it didn’t work. 

Time in? Seriously what has this generation come to?

Um it is because a time out in my apartment generally doesn’t work. He bashes his head on my hardwood floors and hurts himself. So I am attempting something to stop him from hurting himself.

Time In generally works 10,000x better in our house than a time out.

That is exactly what my son does — bash his head into things. :( It’s so hard to watch. And he gets more mad when I try to restrain him in an attempt to calm him. But I haven’t figured out how to give him a time in that works for him. He doesn’t want to be touched. When I talk to him, he gets more mad. I know something will work — I just haven’t figured it out yet. Good luck to you, Momma! It’s hard stuff.

Boogie would do that and we ended up putting him on his bed and turning on music while we laid with him or sat in the chair next to him and just let him process. When he was ready he would come over to us and then let us comfort him. Idk of that would work for you or not.

Putting him on the bed made it worse. He would head for the head or footboard (or wall) and bash his head on those. :-(

Oh noes. :( well I hope you find something that works for him safely.

emrysina Asked:
From the post you reblogged and responded to, I was wondering what a Time-In was? I've never heard of it before.

Time Ins are a different form of Time Outs with the point being the result isn’t to punish them for their behavior, rather help them work through their emotions and support them when they’re upset. Say a child does something like bite or hit a sibling, instead of putting them in time out by themselves, you sit with them for the time you would have used for the time out and talk with them. Ask them why they bite/hit, explain how it makes the other person feel, what they could have done instead. If the child is crying or just in general having a meltdown a Time In can let them still experience those emotions, but it allows you to be by their side and lend your support even if silently, so they don’t feel abandoned of ignored when they’re upset. It’s all about fostering the idea that their emotions matter and you’re listening, even when they’ve done something ‘wrong’. Kwim?